The Limitless tournament platform is an online tournament management solution with tight integration for the following games:

  • Pokémon TCG
  • Digimon Card Game
  • Pokémon VGC

Key features of the platform include:

Decklist Submission and Analysis

Our integrated decklist submission makes it easy to collect and verify players' decklists before the tournament. You can run open decklist tournaments with completely public information, or wait until after the tournament to publish them. Based on the submitted decklists, the site automatically creates a tournament metagame analysis, tracking the performance, matchups and card counts of individual archetypes.

Besides individual tournament statistics, we are also compiling the data from all tournaments on the site, which provides a great resource for both new and experienced players. In addition to that, we are working together with Trainer Hill, a site that uses the tournament data for even further analysis.

First-Class Swiss System Support

The platform is built to provide the best possible support for the Swiss-system tournaments that are the standard for card games. You can add timers to the round, create multi-phase set-ups, and more. Players have a central page where they are updated about all their pairings and can drop out of the tournament if needed. There are tools use can use to detect inactive players and remove them from the tournament.

In short, we are trying to automate all the manual tasks that often come up when running Swiss tournaments on platforms that are made for bracket-based tournaments. Of course, you can also run brackets on the site—both in addition to Swiss rounds, and on their own.

Tournament Series and Rankings

You can easily create rankings for a series of tournaments and keep them up to date with just the click of a button. Rankings are completely customizable and allow to track individual players' placements. Check out this example!

The platform is completely free to use for both organizers and players. We are supported by ads on certain pages, affiliate commissions on TCGplayer sales, and user contributions through Patreon.

If you are interested in running tournaments on the platform, go to the next page to start learning all the essentials.


If you aren't familiar with the player side tournament procedures yet, please read the player quickstart guide first!


If you run into any questions or issues, or have other feedback, join our Discord server and use the appropriate channels there.

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