Team Tournaments (3v3)

When creating a tournament, you can choose between a regular 1v1 tournament, and a 3v3 team tournament.

In a team tournament, players compete in teams of 3, with each player being assigned a spot from A to C. A match between two teams consists of 3 individual matches (A vs A, B vs B, C vs C), with the team that wins at least 2 of them being the overall winner. All 3 matches happen at the same time and players are usually allowed to talk to each other during their games. Sometimes there might be deck building restrictions, like all teammates having to use a different Leader in a One Piece 3on3 Cup.

The 3v3 functionality is built on top of the regular tournament procedures. Players still see their individual opponents on their dashboards and need to report their games through the match page. The team pairings and standings are then automatically updated based on the individual results. If you want to edit the result of a team match, you need to edit the underlying individual matches. The tournament's pairings page allows you to toggle between team and player pairings.

The main difference for players is the additional team selection step of registration. Note that if your tournament requires registration codes, only the team captain needs a code. The other two players only need to enter the team ID (this is because ticketed events usually want to sell them on a per team basis).

You can see which team a player is part of on the admin's participants list. It also allows you to change the name of a team if necessary. If a team has only 1 player left during the tournament (due to drops, or missed entry), it is automatically dropped at the end of the round.

All pairing methods and other tournaments settings are supported and work just as in a 1v1 tournament. Notably, registration caps affect only player registration, not team creation, so if you want to restrict the number of teams, it might make sense to work with registration codes (Note: a team cap might be added in the future).

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