Tournament Registration

To find a tournament you want to play in, browse the list of upcoming tournaments. You can filter the list by game or format, and sort it by clicking on one of the table headings.

There are 3 different types of tournaments that you can distinguish by the tag in the leftmost column.

  • Live: An online tournament that is played in real time, completed within one day or weekend.
  • 24h: Players get a day or more to coordinate a time with their opponent every round and play on their own schedule. Tournaments take about a week to finish.
  • IRL: The tournament is played in person, not online. See the tournament description for details.

Most tournaments are free to enter, but some may have different entry requirements. Make sure to always read the tournament details of a tournament you are interested in!

To get to a tournament's registration page, either click the green register button in the tournament list, or use the link at the top of the tournament specific pages.


The date and time displayed everywhere on the site is automatically converted to your device's time zone.

The Registration Form

On the registration page, enter the ingame name of the account you will be playing with during the tournament. If the tournament you are signing up for is played over webcam instead of a simulator, enter something like your discord name instead (refer to the organizer's instructions).

You may also customize the way you will be displayed in the tournament standings and pairings. By default, only your username is shown, but you may choose to add the name and country info from your account settings.


Your Dashboard

Once you registered for a tournament, an entry for it will be added to your dashboard. It shows you the most important information about the tournament and guides you through all procedures before and during the tournament.

If you want to edit any of the information entered in the previous step, or unregister from the tournament before it starts, use the Edit registration option here.


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